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Free Posters and Sporting Souvenirs - Autographed Photos - Sport Stickers
Hundreds Of Cool Free Stuff
For All Die-Hard Sports Fans!
- Tons of Valuable Free Sporting Items For You To Get In The Mail -
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Get hundreds of sports freebies from retailers, manufacturers, pro-franchises, etc...
You get hundreds of different sports related for the asking. Things like posters, team decals, super-star photos, premiums, souvenirs, booklets,etc. It's all part of their marketing/sales promotion get their advertising material into your hands. This book tells you exactly where to write to get your free stuff.
Here is a partial listing of things you can get FREE: Inflatable sports balls - Set of iridescent sports stickers - Sport ball yo-yo's - Special NFL "goodie" pack - Sports figure ballpoint pens - Mirrored sports sunglasses (these $20 glasses alone make the book a great value!) and Much More!!!
Updated Edition, Bounded Paperback Book
Freebies For Sports Fan: Hundreds Of Cool Free Stuff For Sporting Fanatics! - Price: $9.95
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